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This blog draws you a picture of TEENz life, the bits of life in putting together TEENz's 2nd album & the events surrounding it, depicted from anonymous teenz bloggers' perspective, reflecting in as various ways as possible to resound our voices to your heart; update, entertain, encouraging you to live colourfully for Jesus...

We present you this interesting, deep & shallow, funny, ever-changing, wacky, corny, crappy, sincere, super gila fun blog to you! hehe =P

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    Welcome to TEENz Album! =)
    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Hi, so you have bought the CD, enjoyed/ministered by the songs. The TEENz album team just wants to say a big thank you for your support =)

    Below are a portion of sincere blog posts by some teenage bloggers who witnessed what happened during the process of recording the album from the beginning to the end. Do scroll down to middle (or to the end too!) for more photos of the live recording day, interviews, 'event reporting', comments.

    You also can click the archives column at the right side-bar for more posts. Thanks for visiting this site. Cheerios. =)

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    Sunday, June 29, 2008

    i shall be proud to let everyone know that the recording is in the process of it getting done. i've had the privilege of hearing the product after the musicians did their stuff. it's sounding great, i must say.

    thanks to all our readers who frequently check for updates. really appreciate it and we promise to update regularly :]

    continue to pray for the album committee for wisdom on what to do next so the album can be out by, erm, September. pray for the album band to know what to do when it's their turn to record :]



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    Post live recording sessions: the beginning
    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    Two weeks ago there is a trial run of re-recording to test the sound and listen to the result of 3 day's 'round-the-clock hard work of editing, EQ-ing and punching in re-recorded parts. Thanks to Darin Browne (from Australia) who passed by Malaysia to help us out and gave lots of really really important tips! =)

    Now we are having a few weeks' break due to school/university exams.. The re-recording and mixing will continue very soon, committees are going to schedule every vocalist and musicians to come.

    Thanks to our loving and supportive church, we have our simple-looking but powerful in-house recording studio! =)

    TEENz live recording album will tentatively be released on September 2008!!.. =D

    slideshow... (80+ pics)

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    'Once in a blue Koon' (part II) + [add-on]
    Friday, April 25, 2008

    So the conversation continues..

    K: You know, I think the youth needs good leaders, mentors. Now it's not common to have a mentor, but it will be good to seek counsel from church elders, pastors, because they have went through a lot more in life and are able to help you.

    D: oh ya, I never thought of that.. It is a good idea, is it because the teenagers nowadays more troubled?

    K: Troubled? Not really, the issues they faced now are similar to my days, it all depends on how you approach these issues: Influence of friends, the media, internet.. and how you treat your leaders.

    The teens like to blog now, putting all their feelings and experiences for the public to read. But besides this, they can actually can channel their feelings to God, to talk to God about anything. To God, it's ok; but when you write about it in your blog, people may get a wrong impression about you.

    D: Teens like to blog, why ar?

    K: As a means of expressing themselves. Some of the teens will think that they don't have an outlet to express themselves, but they can actually talk to God =)

    D: Ya, agree, reception is good and talktime is free, plus birthday bonus & daily blessings, heh heh. Ok, change topic. What is your opinion on boy/girl relationships?

    K: As a parent of 4 kids, I try to remember what I went through in the past at that age to help them in their teenage phase. Teens always say their parents "don't understand", but this is not really the case..

    Ask your parents about their teenage years and I’m sure they will share with you and may share some insight into their lives also.

    D: ohh… =) So, can they have boy/girlfriends?

    K: I do not encourage having these relationships while still in secondary school, because you don't know where you are yet (in the future, further study, work..).

    And I don't believe in playing with other people's feelings, as it will end up everybody getting hurt. If you have any other questions, you can come ask me personally. =)

    D: haha! i wonder if ppl will really come ask you.

    K: That's why it is important to have a mentor, to give you advice and help you along. If it is me, I will start by asking some questions: Are you going to marry him/her? What are you expecting in love?

    D: ohh..

    K: Not questions to scare you, but to help you understand. You see, feelings of love don't hold the relationship. When you first fall in love, I see you, and I have this waaaarm feeling inside; we understand each other, I appreciate you, you appreciate me. Unfortunately these feelings won't last long, maybe it lasts for 1 year or slightly more, or might be only months or weeks..

    The basis of a relationship is not in feelings, but based on communication and commitment.

    When you are in love, learn how to communicate, how do you feel about certain things that are important to you. You will realise that there are many things that you see differently compared to your loved one.

    And in a relationship, you are not only having a relationship with one person, you are also having a relationship with the whole family. When you marry someone, you marry his/her whole family.

    So don't get into a relationship too early, come to God when you have problems. If two teens with problems have a relationship, it won't solve the problem, it makes a bigger problem.

    D: yeah, I get what you mean. Couple-couple can get a couple more problems. It must have felt great to be with a special person, but you wait a bit longer the benefits are greater.

    K: For those who are in secondary school, I will encourage them to build friendship, be true friends that will be there in troubles, even willing to sacrifice their sleep for others.

    Do you know that my old friends in KL, if I call them urgently in the middle of night, they will come immediately to help me?

    D: woah, real good friends.. you want to try calling them now? Haha.

    K: =P Develop friendships, not relationships. :)

    D: But how to stay at friendship only and not go overboard into a relationship?

    K: Have some boundaries, need discipline. Cos now the disadvantage is there's internet, sms, can contact at all times, no more boundaries.

    It still comes back to having a mentor/parent to guide you, this also helps in deciding what to study after SPM, go speak to the professionals in church; lawyers, engineers, accountants..

    D: Oh.. alright, last question, any advice for teenagers who are interested in music?

    K: First, you need to love music. Then pray to God that you can keep a tune (not tone deaf), and take private music lessons outside.

    D: Yep, and never give up too. (thought of my past when I first started learning drums.. keep learning, never give up!) Any last words?

    K: I used to hear this testimony from time to time from older adults who just received Christ and they said, "my only regret is that I didn't know Christ earlier".

    But I don’t have to say this, because I have spent 27 years of my life dedicated to Jesus and I enjoy every moment of it. =)

    Don't backslide (don't leave God), it is not worth it.

    It's getting late, I took my last sip of Milo Ais, thanked him for 'belanja'-ing me the food, said the bye's and went home. =)


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    Once in a blue 'Koon'
    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    Dewy (D):

    "Hey, this guy.. I know him, I think."
    "Oh, denise/nicole's father"

    These might be the thoughts that went through your mind when you see him. He is uncle Koon =) A doctor working in Singapore (commutes daily), father of 4 children, good bass guitar player, a christian actively serving in church and also English Service's committee member. oh ya, he's also the bassist and one of the key person who holds the musicians together for TEENz live recording album.. =)

    Last night I had the opportunity to have this exclusive interview with this man whom I know personally for 10 yrs, talking about many stuffs that you don't know about =P ..about things close to a teenager's heart (i hope so), life, music, church...
    so here's the DAAAAARK side of uncle Koon... lol.. no la, just a side of him which you never seen. =)

    D: Ok, let's start, wat is your fav food?

    Koon (K): Kajang Satay... any satay will do.

    D: What are your hobbies when you were single?

    K: When I was single ar, I studied.. ;)

    D: huh? I mean hobbies, things that you like to do

    K: Ya, I like to study (laughs). When I was in kindergarten, I will cry when my bus doesn't come, and I used to be a perfectionist, when the bus is supposed to come at 7am, 7.05am is considered late. During primary school times, cos those days the school bags are a bit "soft", I will put a piece of thin, hard wood in the bag to "straighten" my books. :)

    D: woa, haha, interesting! sure or not, like to study.. (can't believe it)Why do you like studying?

    K: hmm.. Challenging, especially to remember the whole book as how the WHOLE book is supposed to be. When I was in sec sch, I had my first geography test.. 64%. I was so disappointed, it was devastating.

    D: you still remember the exam marks ar, lol

    K: Then I went back and study like mad, and in the next test, I got 98% (!!)... my essay section, full marks.. The teacher said I wrote too many points, she mark only halfway, then will stop, and give full marks.

    D: "terror".. nice! any of your children inherited your hobby? =)

    K: None inherited (haha), but I shouldn't be disappointed, God made everybody special.

    D: Do you read this blog?

    K: When I can find it, lol. I usually find this link and by clicking it from other people's blog.

    D: eh, a bit like me, but now I've already added this link to my favs, easier la..
    Oh ya, uncle Koon, when did you start learning the bass guitar?

    K: I started learning at 16 years old, there was this band called KKRM, and the band member's brother, Wilson Loh, taught me bass. Not only that, he taught me how to learn. I watched videos, concerts in TV to improve too.. He will teach me how to imitate the bass player.

    D: oh.. So, change topic (woo hoo!! me fickle mind, topic change here n there).. What are the teenager's trend in your days?

    K: Most christian teens grew up in a christian environment, for me, I come from a non-christian family, I will have to prove to my parents that being a christian makes a difference, and the only way is thru my studies.

    anyway, I got life wan, besides studying, I play football. Those days teenagers will spend their free time at the 'padang' (field), outdoor games.. Normally every housing area will have a padang.

    D: (he thinks I view him as a study-hard-no-lifer?).. ohhh....
    What is the biggest difference between the past (ur teens life) and the current life that teenagers live?

    K: hmm.. Those days we were not rich, to buy shoes, I have to save money.. Now, just ask from your parents and you will have shoes. And those days we have to 'fight for our rights', now teenagers are more... blah blah (D: oh no, i can't remember)

    D: so, the word for teens now is "complacency"?

    K: something like that, not really..
    By the way, don't think I only study-study, when I play anything (sports), I represent the school.

    D: woah! (he really thought i view him as a study-hard-no-lifer, lol, anyway, he is not bragging, but telling me stories of his past like an old friend)

    K: I represent the state in hockey when I was 12 yrs-old, and I got into the best secondary school, Victoria Institution, but I didn't study there.

    D: nice! =) why didn't study there?

    K: Cos it's too far, it's like from downtown JB to Kulai.
    I also do arts, I won in the school's art competition, and I will send my art pieces to overseas competition.

    D: that's so unheard of, nice.. which countries?

    K: Japan.. India.

    D: hmm... good... ok, change topic. In your opinion, what is lacking among the teens now?

    K: One thing, don't love God enough, go all out for God, 110%, because if they do, everything will change; attitude..principles..
    In the past, when I study, I study for God; when I play the bass guitar, I play for God. And all these years I only play the bass in church, I don't play in pubs.

    There was once I nearly went to study at the Royal Military College.

    D: mili.. military college? Is it good?

    K: Ya, there's scholarship, your future is guaranteed there. At that time, I was a young christian, form 3, I went for the interview (and test), but felt that God said "no". The school is good but almost all are muslims and it's a boarding school (stay there all the time), I don't think I will grow into a strong christian there.

    So, I purposely fail the interview. Until now my parents still didn't know about it, heh heh...

    A quick laugh, as I sipped the chilled milo ais and grab a few bites of maggi mee goreng.. =)

    (To be continued, conversations about love and friendship, and about leaders...)

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    The Beginning of the End
    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Tonight the TEENz album committee had a meeting @ Burger King, Bugis, Singapore. A small bunch of us gathered 'round the table and discussed about the "beginning of the end"..

    almost every live recording will have a "re-dub"/re-recording (even 'live' recording CDs you hear from hillsong & integrity music), but the original atmosphere & background sound will remain to preserve the original feel & anointing of that day of concert.

    when the sound tracks of 16 march's concert were recorded & lightly balanced (volume)and being listened again, u will hear some minor or major mistakes that will need to be fixed. Like a note that the singer sang juuuuust a little out of tune, the drummer that missed a beat, the guitarist might strum a wrong chord, etc..

    it is very common for these mistakes to appear especially when u are out there on stage, 14 songs, leading the crowd to worship. So our Mr Titus drafted out a timeline & schedule of the re-recording sessions that will last till june/july. Boon Fei's gonna confirm the schedule with the PA guy and first we will record the drums by next week, the backbone of rhythm, followed by the bass guitar.. blah blah... vocals.. choir.. there will always be something going on every week from now on..

    listened over & over & over.. the live recording track.. fill in empty spaces, correct mistakes, sing nicely, play professionally..
    All these at the re-record stage, then only followed by mixing, mastering, printing...


    After 12 months, begun by vocal auditions for backup vocalists, musician selection, song selection, music arranger selection, arranging songs, fine tune lyrics & melody of written songs, months, hours of practice, musician prac, vocal prac, marketing planning, stage management, transportation logistics, group practices, choir practices, final rehearsals.

    Now the 1st half has ended.

    Let the hard work begin, again.

    All for you, all for God, we give our best =)

    **The committee is thinking of having an album cover design competition, still not sure whether this suggestion will really happen, heh heh =P

    Show you an example from Hillsongs.. =)

    This is a video of the live recording with live audio mix, meaning that the sound recording is purely from that night, without any studio modification.

    And below is the final product after re-recording, mixing & mastering.
    Able to hear the difference? (especially in quality & some minor changes)
    Enjoy this great song =)


    (Verse 1)
    I see the king of glory
    Coming down the clouds with fire
    The whole earth shakes, the whole earth shakes
    I see his love and mercy
    Washing over all our sin
    The people sing, the people sing

    Hosanna, hosanna
    Hosanna in the highest

    (Verse 2)
    I see a generation
    Rising up to take the place
    With selfless faith, with selfless faith
    I see a new revival
    Staring as we pray and seek
    We're on our knees, we're on our knees

    Heal my heart and make it clean
    Open up my eyes to the things unseen
    Show me how to love like you have loved me
    Break my heart for what is yours
    Everything I am for your kingdom's cause
    As I walk from earth into eternity

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    Abt THE day4
    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    This, my friend, is the 70th entry on this blog and it's going to be a special one.

    You see, this blog was created last year with the little intention to keep "album-gaga-ers" updated on the latest progress. Well, that's basically you readers out there.. We've..
    (I should save this for the last entry - lol )

    Back to the concert.

    1st session.
    It was, aweeesome. When I first stepped into Sanctuary at around 7.30pm, there was already a vast crowd praising and worshiping God. I've never seen such numbers in any of the concerts we had nor any Teenz held events. That goes to show that the Church which is represented by the brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, boys and girls are truly indeed amazingly supportive.

    Half way through P&W, the singers started marching out from the right, neatly like always and at the other side, the musicians walked up the musicians way. You know how they walk up stage, don't you? haha.. Opps.

    So anyway, the moment the worship leader passed the microphone to Boon Fei, red LEDs were lighted up on every video cameras and recording equipments . We were officially going on live recording. They boomed the atmosphere by starting out with "How Great is Our God (bridge part)". Which inevitably stirred up everyone's soul. No doubt about that. Hands were raised all over Sanctuary.

    The whole recording progressed along with a number of songs. One tip for those who didn't make it to the concert. The band played very tight together with the singers. It's so obvious that they put in a lot of effort and they certainly did. Great job guys !

    (end of 1st session)

    Pastor James on shared his own life experience and of his parents. What better way to capture the hearts of people than with your own life story? Although I've heard that sharing quite a number of times before, but still life stories will always remain as the greatest stories one can ever tell. Only that the kids went a little too noisy. Throwing their light sticks like paper aeroplane.

    Yong Thai rapped in the 2nd session. Mr.White cap rocks the house! That was the highlight.

    Dum che tak dum dum che tak.


    haha, i think it was a great night, but because i was the drummer, didn't get to see much of wad's happening around me.. cos the drums is way behind. But i really enjoyed the worship and playing along with other musicians & blending in with the music and singing =)

    I'll talk more about the preparation before the concert starts..
    At about 4pm, a team of 'makeup-people' brought their little suitcases of powder, spray, lipsticks, mascara etc and set up in room H4-5. The choir members and backup singers are the earliest to get dressed and be ready for makeup. When i mentioned "get dressed", it's actually some cool black t-shirts & jeans for choir, and other nice clothes, not really dress laaa =P

    So the girls get their faces powdered up first, while the guys 'elek' at one corner.. pai seh X 2, don't-want-don't-want la.. haha. In the end guys still need to put on some light makeup so that they will look good on stage =) bright spotlights shining on stage tend to make you look pale..

    Some ppl even go hair saloon to have their hair done professionally wor.. Boon Fei's hair like got sparkling bright-bright stuffs, and terence dyed his hair a little red/brown. Nice nice.. As for me, I have asked Peter to style up my hair with gel/clay/wax or watever that makes my hair stand or look stylishly messy & (maybe) younger, and somehow other guys came to help out & my hair is done in 20 mins by 5 guys, lol.

    In the makeup room, everybody is just chilling out, chatting or just sitting there, but i could feel the nervousness and excitement building up for the concert in the evening. Everybody is waiting for it to happen, the concert that we had been preparing for 12 months. =)

    Later on, at about 5+pm, we had sound check in sanctuary, the concert venue, testing all the microphones, choir's condenser mics, guitars, bass, the overall balance, equalisations... we start to see teenagers pouring into the hall, it was so exciting, because we are going to have a great time and God is going to do great things.

    *Praise God that 23 ppl received Christ and about 800-900 ppl came to the live recording concert! =)

    nice la, anybody want to add any comments, please leave a comment or at the chatbox to the right =)

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    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    So, how was it? it's so... totally.. you know... kinda like.. you know..

    stay tuned ;P

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    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Tonight is the night. =)

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    Final prac pics =)
    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    A picture is better than a thousand words..
    16 Mar (sun) 6.30pm, come.. =)

    *100+ more photos in teenz album's friendster & facebook account.

    By the way, I am pleased to announce that we have 229 ppl who signed up to fast & pray for this concert. and...

    We have loads of adults who volunteered to fetch the young ppl home after concert, almost 70 cars! and a bus that can fetch 31 ppl to the bus stop outside The Store, easier to take bus home. yay!! =D

    So for those who lived at diff areas, you can register a place (those who need a car ride) through ur cell leader; while the buses from Jusco to concert venue, and the two bus routes home after concert are still ON (don't have to register)! heh heh. Check our previous blog entry [transportation] or HERE for more details.

    See you on Sunday 6.30pm!! =)

    Map (click to enlarge)

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    the full dress rehearsal...the FINAL one as well.
    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    first thing...
    SORRY for being so slow. a thousand apologies :(

    the rehearsal started at 1.00pm SHARP.not really. but we did start in the end, after the sound check and everything. while we were getting ready, the choir conductress, Aunty Lynn asked the choir to start praying. don't waste time y'know.

    then we went through the whole thing once. had some minor glitches here and there. brushed up on the finer stuff. the timing and all are indeed very tricky.

    after that, the pre-recording worship team came on stage and had a quick practice for their four songs. then it was our turn. everyone felt a lil nervous cos it seemed like the real thing.

    this time, our rehearsal was recorded to be the backup for the 16th. it went as smoothly as possible. the choir was so hyped up and i must say, they sounded really good. adds the atmosphere to it. a lil mistake here and there but it was pretty okay :)

    at the end of it, we gathered and were briefed on what was time to be there, what colours to wear and NOT to wear and so on.
    everyone went back feeling all hyped up for the concert. all together fasting and praying for the 16th.

    a short prayer:
    God, thank you for giving us this opportunity to reach out to the young people in JB. please help us to make the best out of it. help us to remember that the most important thing is to worship YOU with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.
    in Jesus name i pray, Amen.

    hope you guys remember to pray for the concert :)


    Yay man, hey nicole, don't have to apologise la =) thks, great job in blogging.
    The last practice was indeed quite stressful for everybody, we recorded all the songs - twice. Altogether sang & played the musical instruments for 14 songs X 2.

    Today I just received mp3 copies of that recording, only with balanced volume (no mastering), and it sounded good =)

    I really enjoyed the practice and I am looking forward to attend the live recording concert!! =)

    Photos will be out tomorrow (thurs).

    Pre-recording song list: (songs that will be sung before live recording starts)

    1. Open up the gates

    2. 拣选

    3. Magnificent

    4. Beautiful saviour

    5. How great is our God

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    Transport.. Vroom vroom!! [updated]
    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Mushi mushi!!

    i heard that some of you guys can't wait for the blog entry about the final full dress rehearsal.. 'Cho toh ma teh' yar (1 or 2 more days), blogger still writing & photographer still editing the photos. Don't be so upset hor..

    Meanwhile, I have info (!) about transportation, for those who need a ride to the concert venue, or back home after concert. Listen up! =)

    From Jusco Tebrau to Concert venue: (free bus ride)


    After these times, the buses will not fetch anymore people to concert venue therefore u must be there on time!


    After concert (to go home): (free bus/van ride)

    Bus 1*
    Concert venue -> Permas Jaya -> Tmn Iskandar (Shell Petrol Station)

    Bus 2**
    Concert venue -> Tebrau highway -> Plaza Pelangi (coffee bean)

    *For Bus 1 that goes to Taman Iskandar, It will stop at BP station (opposite Giant, Plentong), Shell station (formally ProJet), then it will go straight to Taman Iskandar.

    **For Bus 2 that goes to Plaza Pelangi, it will stop at bus stop just outside The Store (the one after Carrefour), row of petrol kiosk opposite Giant (formally known as X'tra), Taman Suria, then it will finally stop at Plaza Pelangi..

    Please understand that these services are mainly to send ppl to main road so that their parents, family members will come and fetch them back, so we have decided to stop at safe place - bright and easy for picking up.

    This is for everybody. And for people who attended TEENz service before, please register with your cell group leader by this coming saturday.

    adios! =)

    5 days till TEENz album live recording concert.. Feel the rumble, the excitement...

    Choir with pre-concert musicians & singers =)

    *In case you forget, the live recording concert starts at 6.30pm, 16 Mar (sunday) @ Full Gospel Church [1A, Jln Anggerik 21, Tmn Johor Jaya.] Admission is free, non-christians are most welcomed =)

    [click map to enlarge] Email me at the email add in the image below for more info.

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    13 days to the Live concert!! =)
    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    You can sense it coming..

    You can feel the excitement..

    You see the nervousness of the choir and the fun during the rehearsal..
    (this clip is soundless)

    Another 13 days wor.. and one last final full dress rehearsal..

    TEENz live recording album @ 16 March (sunday)- 6.30pm @ Full Gospel Church!! =)
    And this whole event's theme is - You.
    Come and experience the great God, great music and vocals, great songs, great atmosphere.. you won't want to miss this, heh heh.

    Zap! cut-cut!..
    ok, besides the advertisement.. the last full practice went well, though there are some loose ends to tie up, especially on the music side.
    This is the first time the 30+ ppl strong choir (that consists of teenagers and young working dults) join the musicians and backup vocalist in practice.

    Choir (left)

    Choir (middle)

    Choir (right)

    The musicians went through some critical parts of some songs.. the choir joined in, the professional sound crew finalised some tuning, and we recorded all 14 songs for reference and backup.

    woah.. so tiring... in the middle of recording, until the 7th song (fix my eyes on You), we took a 10-min break.

    Oh yeah, by the way.. if you want to know the song list and to learn the songs.. Go to!! =)

    toilet break, drink water break, hanging ard elek break.. Piano boy (samuel) enjoying some silence before the noise starts again, hehe.

    And back to recording again..
    Pai seh, my camera n I not pro, so it'll take 3 photos to cover the stage.

    left side of stage


    Right side

    After more than 4 hours of practice, the choir shouted "hooray!!" and packed up their stuffs to go, haha.

    wait wait..

    Eh, our pastor Albert is here watching us practice all along. He gave us some encouragement and advice, saying that he is very proud of us, and spurs us to really sing with our hearts (not only with our minds) and be more expressive!

    And we listen on attentively..

    After this.. go home & rest, yay!..
    ..While the musicians and arrangers gather 'round for a 40-min meeting to confirm some music arrangements.

    The practice's recording tracks will be out in a few days after some editing from uncle Jit and the sound crew, then the TEENz album committee will listen to it and take note of areas to improve for next week's FINAL full dress rehearsal..

    Till then, see ya at 16 Mar live recording! So excited!! coming soon will be our next blog entry of the 9 mar final full dress rehearsal..

    **Happy birthday to one of our backup vocalist! =)
    by the way, nice cheese cake, yum! =P


    A new improvised intro for "Who You Want Me To Be", preview version. still in working progress among the music arrangers. Recorded solely by Peter, one of the electric guitarists.

    *Check out TEENz album friendster or facebook account for more photos.

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    Image Hosted by